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I let myself go for awhile, got heavier/bigger than I have ever been in my life thanks to covid and depression. I joined Crème De La Clem Fitness in May 2021 and was down 36 lbs by November 2021. James Bradshaw and Clemence Ahiable kick my butt and make me keep going when I am ready to quit. They give you nutritional guidance so you can stay on track the other 23 hours of the day when you aren't at the gym. They genuinely care about their clients. I couldn't have done this without them. They keep me motivated. I would not have the same drive and determination if I were working out on my own. 

Krystin Townsend

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I joined the gym after hearing my mom rave about Clem and James and they were instrumental in preparing me for a rigorous federal law enforcement training program.  I went into training already able to meet tough physical fitness standards thanks to their class workouts and one and one sessions.  Their support for my career goals outside the gym has been so beneficial as well.  Highly recommend Creme de la Clem Fitness.

Zoe Bateman

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It seems like I've been on a workout and healthy lifestyle journey forever. I started with Clem in 2018 and took a couple breaks here and there. Most recently, I started at the new gym May of 2021. Clem and James have helped me reach a workout routine that I've never had before. They push me to work harder day by day. From the messages checking on my progress to sending meal plans and recipes, they do it all. I can't thank them enough for my transformation!

Jennifer Marie

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I've been training with Clem and James since the beginning and have lost 18 pounds.  More importantly, I have so much more confidence in myself.  These two are the most encouraging, inspirational and talented trainers in the area and have become a vital part of my everyday life.  Whether it be urging us to do a few more reps, asking about our mental health or offering nutritional advice, Clem and James are always there for their clients.  I used to always work out at home because I didn't like traditional, intimidating gyms but Creme de la Clem Fitness is so welcoming and such a positive place to start my mornings.

Kim Howard

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I love CrèmeDeLaClem Fitness so much. Clemence and James are extremely knowledgeable. They know what exercises work which body parts very well. They help us use proper form so we get the most we can out of the exercises. They have provided me with incredible motivation and accountability. They make me want to come to the gym every day. If I was working out on my own, I know I would not have the same drive that I currently do. If you're looking for a place to have fun while getting in the best shape you possibly can, you gotta come to CrèmeDeLaClem Fitness

Wesly Myles

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When I first came to Clemence and James. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and borderline diabetic and at my highest weight ever!
Bad eating habits, stressing and not focused. A walking ticking time bomb!
Nine months later my health has improved, I have lost 35lbs and full of energy!
One of the best decisions that I have ever made

Denika Johnson

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Crème De La Clem is the best investment I've ever made for myself!  Before starting the adult transformation program, I had gained 30 pounds due to the pandemic, working from home, eating horribly, and stress.  I was in the worst shape of my life.  I had also turned 40 years old and my body was changing in ways I did not care for at all.  I am now physically stronger than I have ever been.  I can actually do push ups!  The extra weight is melting away.  The owners and trainers are great people.  Clemence Ahiable and James Bradshaw have shown me so much patience and pushed me to do more than I knew I was capable of.  I am so thankful I tried the AfroBeats class, met Clem and learned about this amazing program.  My body is not where I would like it to be, but I trust the process and know I have the best trainers to help me in my health journey.  Creme De La Clem is life changing, don't miss out!

Tess Dooley

Vase of Flowers

I would like to Thank Clem and James for always encouraging me to be better and do better on this journey. I recently bought a dress when I first tried it on I couldn’t fit it. Three weeks in to consistent working out with Clem and James I was able to wear the dress perfectly. Enrolling in this program has given me an additional boost in my Confidence and the WANT to be consistent and dedicated.

Sherrell R


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